Commercial Tenant Improvement

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Two men in working clothes set new window frame

Two men in working clothes set new window frameIt’s important that you maintain your commercial property for the sake of your tenants—after all, tenant retention is a very important, cost-effective aspect of commercial and residential property rental. But you shouldn’t only take care of the inside of your rental; in fact, you should be on the lookout for ways to improve your property’s curb appeal by improving the property’s exterior. Not only will your business-oriented tenants appreciate it, it will boost your commercial property’s value and make it an attractive and sought-after place to rent.

 The fastest way to boost your property’s curb appeal and please your tenants is with a new exterior paint job. Dingy, flaky exterior paint can make a property with even the most luxurious amenities look shabby and worn-down. Consider a fresh coat of paint to brighten up the look of your commercial building—just make sure to give what color you choose the proper consideration. It helps to look at the colors of other houses or buildings on the block and aim to complement them. Take care to avoid anything too garish or flashy—the neighbors and your renters will appreciate it.

Another relatively easy way to impress your commercial tenants is to brighten the property’s grounds with quality landscaping. Various trees, bushes, flowers, and plants can greatly improve the look of a property, and you might even consider a small fountain or piece of yard art to add character. Many renters find that well-kept grounds to be a great asset of a property, as it attracts clients and customers in from off the street.

Lastly, older windows allow a large amount of air through their cracks, and when they are not properly sealed, they force your tenants to heat their businesses more in the winter and pump out more air conditioning during the summer. This can drive up the cost for heating and cooling during these seasons and is a waste of money and energy. However, having qualified professionals install new, energy-efficient tinted windows and doors are a perfect way to improve your commercial property’s curb appeal. Not only do they look great, but they are also a savvy investment. You and your tenants will save a great deal of money on utilities, and potential renters are attracted to an energy-efficient building as well.

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