3 Easy Decorating Ideas to Brighten Your Kitchen

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Does your kitchen need a quick facelift? Many kitchens are functional but bland. Some are just plain ugly. There are lots of ways to improve the appearance of an out-of-date kitchen without breaking the bank.

Kitchen remodeling is expensive and usually requires a well-padded savings account. If you’re building a nest egg for a remodel, you might not want to invest time and money in temporary fixes.

There are two ways to get around that concern. First, make changes that will carry over after your eventual redo. Second, choose temporary updates that are cheap but will make you happy now.

Here are 3 mini-makeovers to brighten your kitchen:

Make the Most of Windows

Many kitchens don’t need curtains. If your kitchen has old blinds or curtains, take them down. Privacy and glare reduction can be achieved with window film. Tinted film gets rid of glare, and decorative film looks great in the kitchen. Installing film is affordable and easy to change if the decor is updated.

What kind of decorative window film should you use? Etched-glass effects on a door gives your family a little privacy. A colorful collage, stained-glass look or frosted-glass look would be perfect in a kitchen. Choose a pattern that’s purely decorative or one that keeps people from seeing into your home.

Countertop Lighting

A few well-placed lights can transform the mood of a space. Inexpensive lights are quick and easy to add under kitchen cabinets. They’ll add cheer and functionality. Since the fixtures themselves are mostly out of view, buy cheap stick-on models.

Lighting strips are an even more temporary addition. Many come with a remote and a selection of different colored lights. With just a few dollars spent, your kitchen can look bright, fun or funky. When it’s time for a permanent lighting redesign, it’s easy to remove these handy lighting strips and fixtures.

Paint Walls, Cabinets, Countertops or Appliances

Changing color schemes will make your kitchen look completely different. Light tones give the illusion of more space. Turn up the energy of a room and its occupants with bright colors. Dark paint won’t brighten your kitchen, but can serve as a backdrop for shiny appliances.

Painting walls and cabinets is pretty straightforward. If you’re going to paint your countertops, do a bit of research in the right techniques and materials for your kitchen. Did you know you can paint appliances? Use paint that resists heat and is formulated for kitchen appliances. You can achieve a custom look when you paint your oven, fridge or dishwasher.

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