Window Tint Percentage

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Window tint being applied to a home's windows

Your home is a place of rest and making it comfortable is a priority. Along with choosing the perfect furniture, room colors, and other interior design, consider tinted windows as another option. Adding a tinting film over windows helps repel harmful UV rays, making it easier to cool your home.

In addition to adding energy efficiency, window tinting provides a measure of privacy and home security. What could be more comforting than that? Choosing the right shade is important, though. Window tinting refers to the amount of light that is allowed to enter through the film.

Unlike auto window tint, where state law can limit the percentage for your car front windows, there’s really no limit to how dark you can go. And while there are many plusses to tinted windows, you still want to be able to look outside, right?

Here are some important factors to consider when choosing your window tint percentage.

Desired privacy level: Window tint percentage refers to how much light is let through. The lower the tint percentage, the darker the tint. If you want privacy, a lower tint percentage is best. For example, window films with below 20 percent tint are usually darker and don’t let in as much light.

Glare: Offices or other areas in the home that may have issues with glare on screens could benefit from darker types of window tint that have sun control capability. These reduce glare caused by natural light without blocking all of the light from coming through.

The temperature inside the room: Window tinting that has heat control capability can help minimize the amount of the sun’s heat that makes its way into your home. Window films can also help block out cold temperatures outside so your home’s interior stays warmer.

Window films and enhanced security: Your family’s safety is of utmost importance. Window film adds an extra layer of safety, reinforcing the glass. That means it is harder for intruders to shatter the windows! In addition, it helps protect you from the variety of weather we get in the Pacific Northwest. Strong wind or rain can blow debris at your window, but window film can help your home from being damaged from stormy weather.

Window films add style: Your home is an expression of who you are. Decorative window film is available to help spice up your space! We have different options that can accent your space with color or design.

There are several good reasons to add window tinting to your home, but keep an eye on those window tinting percentages. During the sunnier months, it’s nice to have all of those windows for natural light during the day. But also think about the gloomier months – if the tint is too dark, you may not be able to see anything.

If you have specific questions about window film and want to determine if it is the right option for your home or commercial space, contact our experienced team at Pacific Window Tinting for a free estimate. During your consultation appointment, we will be able to go over the details so you can be sure to pick the right window film for your specific needs.