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Oregon Window Tinting Ideas

You probably didn’t get to design the layout of your home, but you can personalize it by adding your touch to the inside and outside windows in your home.  Window frosting and glare reducing Oregon window tinting are great ways to add character to your home and make it more livable.

Have you seen an office whose clear glass doors have been frosted with a beautiful design?  These tasteful designs are also available for your home.  Even if your home does not get excessive sunlight, which can cause fading of items nearby and overheating, window tinting may still be able to enhance your home using those beautiful frosted glass patterns.  Oregon window tinting isn’t just for UV rays, anymore – it’s for privacy, too!

Many areas in your home can benefit from frosted glass:  windows in your bathroom, by your bathtub, above and next to your front door, and more.  Do you have any doors with clear glass that would benefit from additional privacy?  Pick a pattern to frost onto the glass, preserving your door while making it more private.

Do you wish your home office had the class, professional quality of a frosted glass door but all you have is a boring wooden door?  Install a glass insert in your door and have it frosted.  Also consider a design on the glass door of your shower to set the stage for the rest of your bathroom’s decorations.  You can create your home in exactly the image you would like by frosting glass throughout.

Many types of Oregon window tinting can also reduce that annoying glare that comes from sunlight and reflective objects outside your windows.  With the right style of frost, you can use the frosting to act as glare control in your home (by keeping out a certain amount of light) while also improving its asthetic appeal inside and out with a beautiful frosted pattern.  For example, if your home or office computer has a window behind it that constantly reflects on the screen you could consider choosing between glare reducing window tinting or deciding to go with a frosted pattern onto the window so that a portion of sunlight is blocked without needing to install curtains and constantly keeping them closed.

If you’re not sure what you want, pick from existing designs.  Otherwise, let your imagination be your guide.

Please call Pacific Window Tint to help us guide you and help you achieve that look you are looking for, because Pacific Window Tinting is Oregon’s best tinting company.


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