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Will Window Tinting Kill My House Plants?

If you’re thinking about having window film installed in your home or office, you’re probably happy to know that it can keep indoor temperatures more comfortable, protect furnishings, and reduce glare on tv and computer screens. All that UV blocking power will be great for your carpet and hardwood floors. But, what if you have…

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Case Studies: The Benefits of Window Film For Commercial Buildings

When you’re a building manager considering all possible solutions for a given problem, it helps to see examples of similar buildings with similar problems. To show you the way toward energy efficiency and increased safety, we put together a couple of case studies on commercial buildings that have benefited from window film. Medical Building Makeover…

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Window Film Specifications for Architects

We’ve spent many years working successfully with architects and designers to ensure that building owners and their tenants get exactly what they’re looking for, both in terms of aesthetics and performance. Whether you need window film for energy efficiency, increased safety and security, or a creative brand statement, Pacific Window Tinting has the products, skills,…

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Solar Window Film (1)

Discover The Benefits Of Window Film Before You Buy

Does your home or workplace have an area where the sun creates a lot of glare and heat gain? If that area is your office or your living room where you spend much of your time, this can be a real challenge. Temperatures can become uncomfortable, TV and computer screens can be obstructed, and you…

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Coming Up With the Green to Go Green

More and more organizations are looking to improve energy efficiency within their buildings, but unfortunately, they rarely have the finances to complete these projects. If you’re wondering how to fund your next green building project, consider joining forces with other like-minded institutions in the Billion Dollar Green Challenge. A Revolving Door of Green Funding In…

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