Discover The Benefits Of Window Film Before You Buy

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Does your home or workplace have an area where the sun creates a lot of glare and heat gain? If that area is your office or your living room where you spend much of your time, this can be a real challenge. Temperatures can become uncomfortable, TV and computer screens can be obstructed, and you and your furnishings can suffer from UV damage.

If you’re considering window film as a solution to these problems, there’s no doubt you’ve tried to use curtains, blinds, and other things that haven’t worked. You’re spending too much on air conditioning, and you might already be seeing sun damage on your furniture. So, you’re bound and determined to find a solution that will actually work.

To give you the peace of mind that you’ve chosen the absolute best window film product for your home or office, Panorama has developed a custom program to assess your needs.

The Specularis™ Energy Analysis and Film Selection Tool

Using this web-based program, we can give you an accurate assessment of the current conditions in your home or office, and show you how Panorama films can improve comfort and reduced energy consumption. You’ll also see how the right window film will protect you and your furnishings from the harmful effects of UV rays.

First, we’ll put in all the pertinent information about your home. This will likely include your floor plan, the size, type, and directional orientation of your windows, and even the wall construction materials. Then, Specularis™ will:

  • check local climate data and average utility costs.

  • estimate the number of hours your home or office can maintain a comfortable temperature without air conditioning.

  • estimate the amount of sun damage that will occur in the future should window film not be used.

  • consider your specific desires, such as cutting out glare and preserving your view.

Specularis™ will then recommend the type of Panorama® window film that will help you save energy and prevent glare and sun damage.

Are you interested in what Specularis™ has to say about your home or office and your window film options? Ask us about a custom comfort and energy analysis today! Call (503) 736-9000.