Window Film Specifications for Architects

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How Architects Should Specify Window FilmWe’ve spent many years working successfully with architects and designers to ensure that building owners and their tenants get exactly what they’re looking for, both in terms of aesthetics and performance. Whether you need window film for energy efficiency, increased safety and security, or a creative brand statement, Pacific Window Tinting has the products, skills, and experience to provide an unbeatable value and help you achieve your goals.

Solar Control Is So Hot Right Now

Incorporating energy efficiency into new and existing buildings is the fastest growing trend in construction. Contractors and managers are looking to solve building envelope issues, such as hot spots, interior fading, glare, and the health of occupants. Through solving these problems, Solar Gard film products can save building owners and tenants up to 30% on energy costs and earn points toward LEED certifications.

Proven Performance

When considering all the local and national options for window film, any architect, builder, or owner will search for the best value– a high-quality, long-lasting product for a reasonable price. When it comes to window film, how do you know you’re getting a quality product? By taking a look at its ratings and certifications.

Most of Solar Gard solar films have passed the Product Certification Program (PCP) developed by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). The NFRC administers the construction industry’s only independent, uniform rating and labeling system for the energy efficiency of doors, windows, skylights and attachment products (such as window film).

Additionally, Solar Gard is the first and only window film manufacturer to achieve a Climate Declaration. A complete Life Cycle Analysis was conducted on Solar Gard and Panorama solar control films to measure their net carbon impact, providing tangible evidence on how these films reduce greenhouse gas emissions. (Read more about Solar Gard’s 2012 Environmental Product Declaration.)

Be Specific

When specifying window film for your project or installation, it’s critical that the correct details are provided. This will ensure that the specified brand and series of film is used and that your clients’ requirements are met. If you simply make a recommendation and then follow it with the words “or similar” or “or equivalent,” your client could easily end up with an inferior product as subcontractors often source cheaper materials to increase their profit margins. This predicament is likely to result in poor film performance, shrinkage, fading, and adhesive failures.

When you specify window film products from a quality manufacturer, such as Panorama by Solar Gard, you’re not only guaranteeing your client quality, but also a written warranty. Additionally, by specifying Pacific Window Tinting as the recommended installer, you and your client can be confident that the films will be installed to the highest standards, and with the full support of the manufacturer.

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