Window Film Options For Home Privacy

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windows by the front door

When shopping for a new home, most of us like to see places with lots of big windows to let in the natural light and allow us to connect with the outdoors. One thing we forget: all that glass gives every passerby a wide-open view into your home– the one place where you expect privacy.

Common places for privacy film:

  • The windows near your front door give your home great curb appeal, but when someone comes knocking, stranger or no stranger, they can easily see who’s coming to the door.

  • A window in the bathroom might have seemed like a good idea at first, but in reality you’d rather not have to worry about people seeing you step out of your shower or bathe in your jetted tub!

  • If you have children or starting a family, privacy is a bigger priority in your house. Cover the glass in your children’s rooms because it will give you privacy and peace of mind.

  • The garage is a place where we keep a lot of our most expensive possessions. Yet, sometimes garages are built with windows, making it really easy for thieves to case your property. Covering those windows would be a no-brainer.If you’re realizing you might like to cover some of the glass in your home you definitely have options, and they don’t have to be blinds or curtains.

Decorative Film Options

Frosted: You can give your windows the look of expensive specialty glass with an opaque film. Nothing is more private. This simple, classic look will complement any architectural style or home decor.

Stained: Many people love the look of stained glass windows but cringe at the cost. You can find a beautiful variety of stained-glass-style window films that will give you the look you desire and the privacy you need. Go with the traditional mosaic style, or just use one solid color to tint the glass.

Patterns: If you like the frosted look but want to retain some degree of visibility, consider a film with a pattern that suits your taste.

Graphics: Some of the most popular decorative films include those with floral designs and other interesting graphics. The options here are truly endless as our computerized plotter can help design a decorative film just for you.

Multi-Purpose Film

In today’s fast paced society we are always looking for ways to “kill two birds with one stone.” In the case of privacy window film, why not choose a product that can offer more than one benefit? Solar window films by Panorama will not only provide a degree of privacy but also protect your family and belongings from sun exposure and keep your energy bills down. The properties in solar blocking films make the glass reflective from the outside and clear from the inside, giving you the best of both worlds– and then some.

If you’re curious about more options in privacy window film for your home or office, contact Pacific Window Tinting. Call 503-736-9000 today.