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Use Window Film To Prevent Bird Collisions

It’s always sad when a bird dies colliding with a clear glass window. This tends to happen fairly often in urban areas and has been known to occur at people’s homes as well, especially during the Spring and Autumn migrations. No one knows exactly how many birds are killed this way, but annual U.S. estimates are in the…

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Add Style And Interest With Decorative Window Film

All it takes is a thin sheet of film to transform just about any plain old window into a creative, stylish element of your home. Today’s options in decorative window film offer an affordable way to brighten up a room while simultaneously creating an inviting ambient light. Decorative film is available in countless styles and…

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Say Goodbye to Glare with Window Tinting

With such beautiful surroundings here in the Pacific Northwest– the majestic evergreens, mountains and streams– it’s no wonder why we love to have big windows in our homes, and lots of them. Large windows and spectacular views make a beautiful focal point in any home, but they can come with frustrations– and we’re not talking…

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Lumisty – More Than A Window Film, It’s A Visual Experience

Lumisty is a view control window film that gives users the ability to obstruct specific viewing angles. Originally invented for ATM screens as a security provision, Lumisty is now capturing the imaginations of interior designers and architects everywhere, and inspiring many creative and practical uses. Let’s say you want to block the view of the…

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3 Situations Where Window Film Can Save Your Life

Having a window film installed on your home or business windows is more than just a way to save energy—it can also save your life. You might not think something as small as window film can pack that kind of punch, but it’s surprising just how thin that line is between a close call and…

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Facility Managers Seeking Green Upgrades

Commercial buildings are the world’s leading energy consumers and are responsible for more than 40 percent of the pollution in the environment. To get this under control, facility managers and property management companies are looking for ways to make their buildings more sustainable.   A building’s energy systems can undergo high-efficiency updates, and the occupants…

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