How to Prepare Your Home for a Natural Disaster

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“We never saw it coming” is all too often what victims of a natural disaster say post-destruction. You don’t need to live in a FEMA-approved flood zone to be a flood victim, or in tornado alley for a twister to consume your home. Even worse, most homeowner’s and renter’s insurance policies don’t cover all (or sometimes any) natural disasters, and the policyholders haven’t a clue. (You need supplemental insurance for that coverage and it’s well worth it.)

Knowledge can also give you a head start in preparation. Below we’ll discuss three natural disasters that can occur, and how you can prepare to stay safe and minimize damage to your home.


Wildfire is an often overlooked natural disaster and may not be included in your average “house fire” insurance plan. These fires can break out any time of year in absolutely any part of the country. The destruction can be intense depending on size and wind factors. You don’t want to underestimate wildfires, even if you live in suburbia.

To help protect your home from a wildfire, you must do everything you can to reduce or eliminate fuels and other ignition sources from your “Home Ignition Zone.” Part of that includes reducing the ignitability of the structure of your home, and window film can help you do that. After a series of grueling tests, Armorcoat security films were given a class A rating by the National Fire Protection Association.

Gale Force Winds

Hurricanes can also happen in any part of the country, and don’t just occur right on beaches or coasts. In fact, many hurricanes are recorded several hundred miles inland from the waters.

Tornadoes can also happen just about anywhere and there’s an astounding 1,200+ reported each year. Every state has reported tornadoes. In fact, last Summer the nearby town of McMinnville was struck with a tornado that destroyed three buildings with winds up to 85 miles per hour.

To prepare for wind storms, it important to know the safe zones in your home, like the basement or small rooms without windows.  Your windows don’t have to be an added source of danger, however. The right window film keeps shattered glass intact, keeping you and your family safer, even if large debris collides with it in the storm.

Are you a doomsday prepper? If so, window film could be a smart addition to your line of defense. Contact us today about how we can help you prepare your home for disaster. Call (503) 736-9000.