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Is Window Tint Safe For Double-Pane Windows?

Even with double paned windows, you can remove window tint

  Updated August 28, 2017. Originally published Sept. 2, 2014. Untreated windows can lead to excess heat, glare and sun damage in your Portland home or business. If you’re dealing with any of these issues, you’ve probably considered several solutions. Perhaps you’ve tried keeping the blinds or drapes closed. Maybe you’ve priced awnings or window…

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Window Tinting for Company Branding

Pacific Window Tinting offers a wide variety of commercial window tinting services, from decorative films with custom artwork and company branding, to completely clear security films for reinforced strength and shatter resistance. As Portland’s leading architectural window tinting company, Pacific Window Tinting has established a reputation for excellence and accountability in all installations….

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How the Pros Apply Window Film

Window tint being applied to a home's windows

There are many types of window film on the market, and it is up to the installation company to determine the best method of installation depending on product type and manufacturer. That said, there are a common set of best practices and techniques that should be followed with any type of application. Here are some…

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