Window Tinting for Company Branding

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Pacific Window Tinting offers a wide variety of commercial window tinting services, from decorative films with custom artwork and company branding to completely clear security films for reinforced strength and shatter resistance. As Portland’s leading architectural window tinting company, Pacific Window Tinting has established a reputation for excellence and accountability in all installations.

Window tinting is becoming the aesthetic choice for modern offices and business spaces.

Window Tinting Promotes A Modern Brand Image

The days of offices with clear transparent windows and grey cubicles are over. Today offices with personality reign. Decorative window tinting is an efficient and cost-effective way to spruce up an office environment and to enhance brand image.

Tinted windows also encourage a feeling of privacy and can often serve as deterrents to robbery and property damage. It may seem like a small change, but tinting an office’s windows may make the company seem more private and secure to a customer.

Setting a Professional Tone With Window Tinting

Tinted windows are an easy and cost-efficient way to set a tone of professionalism in an office. By eliminating a majority of distractions from the outside world, even a very simple office is given a much more professional air with the addition of tinted windows. They also allow an office’s interior settings to have uniform light and temperature throughout. This can do wonders when creating an environment for professional work. Employees will be better able to focus in an area without the potential distractions of window glare or inconsistent shade.

Businesses Save Money With Tinted Windows

Solar window tinting can help reduce the cost of cooling for a building by a significant amount. They can help deflect up to 85% of heat produced by the sun on any given day, while streamlining energy needs. Tinted windows are a practical and cost-effective way to reduce energy expenditures within an office.

Decorative Window TintingCommercial Window Tinting in Portland, Oregon

From graffiti protection to creative applications for photography, window tinting can prove an essential asset for any office environment.

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