How We Apply Window Film at Pacific Window Tinting

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Woman Listening To Music while resting on couch to illustrate How We Apply Window Film

Your home is the place for you to kick back, relax and be yourself. To fully enjoy it, you need to be comfortable and enjoy the surroundings. This means not worrying about UV rays, heat control, or any of the things required to put those defenses in place.

Window tinting from Pacific Window Tinting can do just that! We do all the worrying for you — from the tools of the trade (edging tool, utility knife, etc.), to selecting the piece of film (there are several types of window film), positioning film, applying film to the window glass surface, removing air bubbles, if any, and making sure the work conforms to our high standards.

Window film lets you enjoy the view from your home while keeping the temperatures even and your belongings protected from sun damage.Woman Listening To Music while resting on couch to illustrate How We Apply Window Film

If you’re doing research on what window film is all about, you may be wondering more about the application process. Let us help explain how we apply window film in three easy step by step instructions.

Step #1: Prep and clean the space.

Detailed preparation is the key to the beginning of any successful home improvement project. During this phase, our experienced team at Pacific Window Tinting will cover your flooring and carpeting around the windows, then we will clean the glass and frame.

We’ll make sure the glass and windows are free of any debris, leftover paint, or anything else that could impact a smooth installation. Then we’ll make sure the window is completely dry.

Step #2: Begin the application process.

We will carefully peel the film to uncover the adhesive. Then, we will spray the film as well as the window with a wetting application solution. Then we move to the easy to apply phase, apply it, and ensure that the film has any extra bubbles or imperfections smoothed out with a squeegee. We will trim it to the window if needed and then do another check to make sure there is no extra solution left under the film or near the frame.

Step #3: Clean up.

If we had to remove any window treatments or furniture to access the space, we will replace them and clean up around the area. We will ensure that all cloths used to cover the space are removed and everything is put back where it’s supposed to be.

Once the window film is applied, it will need to dry out and cure. However, you will immediately notice the positive effects of having the product applied to your windows!

Once the film has been applied, it’s nothing to clean the windows. Spray bottles and paper towels do the trick! They’ll look just like new for a long time.

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