Window Tinting Protects downtown properties

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While some of our work goes to beautify interior glass with frosted finishes, etched finishes and colored tints, a large proportion of what we do goes unseen.  Much of the time, our crews install window film which protects workers in the event of opportunistic thieves who think to smash through a window, or vandals that throw bricks, rocks, or anything else handy.

Although not common in Portland, vandalism does occur and can cost businesses thousands in glass replacement.  Worse still, there is always to the risk of injury from glass shards, and broken glass pieces.

The recent cases of vandalism that coincided with the Occupy Portland (Occupy Portland vehemently denies involvement in any activity which damaged commercial or personal property) demonstrations serve to demonstrate this clearly.  Broken glass at the Chase Bank Branch and Wells Fargo branch posed a menace to bank staff and customers until it was disposed of and replaced.

Anti- shatter window film is simple to install, invisible to the eye and provides your store front or business with excellent protection from such attacks.   Once installed anti-shatter window film provides 24 hours, 365 days of protection.  Glass may be broken with anti-shatter film, but will remain in place, held securely by the protective film.  This way the glass can be replaced without any mess or risk of cuts or injury.