3 Eco-Friendly Office Updates

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eco friendly office updates

An office environment that is ecologically friendly is good for employee morale and productivity, as well as for the environment. It can also save your company money. Portland, Oregon is an eco-friendly city with many ways to stay green. Here is a look at three eco-friendly updates that will make a positive impact at your Oregon office:

Add Commercial Window Tinting

Solar window film can keep workers more comfortable and reduce your building’s energy consumption. The film resists more than 75 percent of the sun’s rays and controls how much solar heat enters the building. The result is an even temperature. Building managers can maintain comfort with less reliance on HVAC equipment. You’ll save on utility bills and also reduce the workload on equipment.

Pacific Window Tinting will conduct a free building energy analysis of your Portland building. We use software approved by the U.S. Department of Energy. The analysis takes into consideration building exposure and the amount and type of glass. It can project energy savings after the installation of window film.

Use Smart Lighting

Smart lighting systems adjust the lights to suit the available amount of daylight and occupancy levels. It eliminates situations like offices and conference rooms that are fully lit even though no one is using them.

Most offices have older controls that turn lights on and off based on pre-selected timetables. These systems are inefficient compared to the latest technologies. Modern smart systems allow you to determine precisely how much light you need. This setup also saves money because the lighting systems use less energy during the day. LED lights are often used in conjunction with smart lighting systems. These spend less energy, about 90 percent less than a typical incandescent bulb. They also last longer.

Make Recycling Easy

 Making recycling convenient. Set up mini-recycling centers, with bins for paper, bottles, cans and plastic, throughout the work area. With these just steps away, workers find it simple to recycle. Add composting in the company lunchroom or cafeteria. Your workers can toss leftover food and other materials safe for composting into a bin.

Efforts toward sustainability and a green office environment don’t have to be complicated.  Installing window tinting is easy when you work with Pacific Window Tinting. Recycling in Portland is also simple when you keep the office bins organized.

Converting to a green office is a worthwhile endeavor. Your employees will feel good about the workplace. You’ll help the environment, and you’ll save money on energy bills.

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