3 Reasons to Choose Pacific Window Tinting in Portland

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Choose Pacific Window Tint

If you’re searching for a company for commercial window tinting in Portland, Oregon, you already know the benefits of professionally applied window film.

You know that window film acts like sunscreen for windows, blocking ultraviolet (UV) light from damaging anything and anyone inside. And, you recognize that the reflective properties of the film can add privacy to your building and discretion for your staff.

These are no small benefits, but there are advantages that depend largely on precise application. Who should you trust with the job of installing window film?

Pacific Window Tinting is a trusted, locally owned company. We’ve been Portland’s source for premium window tinting since 1998. Here are three of the best reasons to work with our company.

1. Premium Products

We’ve worked with some of Oregon’s best businesses and institutions. These companies expect nothing less than the best. Pacific Window Film installs Panorama premium window films made by Solar Gard.

These products are lasting, beautiful and efficient. Since our standards are just as high for private homes as for businesses, we use the same high-quality products for residential window tinting.

Here’s an overview of the types of window films we apply:

Solar film: Our films offer an eco-friendly way to control solar heat and reduce energy consumption. The tint on solar films can be either nearly invisible to relatively dark and reflective.

Decorative film: This film is custom and can be as unique as you would like, from frosted looks to elaborate designs and art installations.

Security film: Film makes glass stronger, protecting it from accidental and deliberate breakage. We also have a line of products which guard against scratches, graffiti and other types of destruction. If vandals strike, you can replace the film rather than the window.

2. Expert Workmanship

Our staff is experienced and trained to install window film flawlessly. We don’t outsource work. We train each team member in our techniques and standards. Our family-owned business takes pride in being an equal-opportunity employer of Portland’s most skilled and reliable window tint technicians.

3. Exceptional Service

We want you to be completely satisfied with our products and services. Pacific Window Tinting stands behind its work. If there is a problem with a project, we’ll correct it promptly. From the office staff to the technicians and crew, they are always professional and courteous. When we’re in your home or business, we want you to feel 100 percent comfortable and confident.

Window Tinting in Portland, Oregon

Pacific Window Tinting offers the high-quality products and services Oregonians deserve. Learn more about our company here, and contact us today for a free estimate.