Natural Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

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Summer weather in Portland is lovely and all too brief. Many Rose City residents don’t bother with air conditioning, choosing to swelter for the short hot spells instead of running up the power bills with AC. If your home or workplace doesn’t have AC, or you want to use it less frequently, there are natural ways to stay cool this summer.

What are 5 ways to stay cool during the summer?

Tip #1: Install window film.

Professional window tinting can reduce heat imbalances in your home that are caused by sunny windows. Keeping an even temperature throughout your home or office will maximize the overall efficiency of your heating and cooling system. When you do use it, you’ll notice a difference in your energy bill. Also, window film reduces glare and reflects up to 99 percent of damaging ultraviolet light. The film can be nearly imperceptible, or it can be tinted. Darker shades are a good option if you want privacy as well as protection from the sun.

Tip #2: Open windows and doors

On a warm and sunny day, it’s nice to open the windows and let cool air in. Keep in mind that if the windows are open as the temperatures rise, hot air will flow in. In the morning and evenings, open the windows and doors up to let the warm air out of the house and the cool morning air in. If you don’t have window film, close curtains to block the light from sunny windows.

Tip #3: Don’t heat up your house with appliances and electronics.

Turn off lights, fans, or appliances that are not being used throughout the day. Running these will not only increase your energy bill, but will also add heat to the home. Don’t bake or use the oven on hot days. Instead, cook with the microwave or eat cold meals.

Tip #4: Take care of yourself.

On a hot summer day, be sure to drink plenty of water. Hydrating yourself is incredibly important. Also, take a cool shower, then don’t towel off completely. Stand or sit in front of a fan to cool off. You can also mist yourself with water to achieve the same effect.

Tip #5: Use the right bedding.

Cotton bedding is the best choice for a good night of rest even in hot weather. Cotton is breathable and allows for air circulation. This means your body heat will rise to the surface and sweat can evaporate faster.

There are several ways to cool down naturally without turning on your air conditioning system. Contact us today for window film options that can help keep you comfortable year-round, no matter what the temperature is like outside.