5 Benefits of Window Film During Portland Winters

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Portland has its own take on the Pacific Northwest winter: ubiquitous Portland mist and dreary overcast days interspersed with occasional crystalline blue sky. What part can window film play in this type of winter climate?

Surprisingly, solar window film can make a big difference in comfort during the winter in this area. According to Darrell Smith, head of the International Window Film Association, “In areas where traditionally they’re not big sunshine areas, you still are seeing increases in the use of these products.”

Here are five benefits, even in winter, from installing window film that Portland residents have discovered.

Fade Control

Though the sun doesn’t come out often, its UV rays can fade drapes, upholstery, fabrics, carpets, artwork, hardwood floors and other furnishings. Owners of homes and commercial properties, like offices and hotels, spend big bucks replacing damaged fittings.

Window film blocks most UV rays, virtually eliminating the danger of fading.

UV Protection

Mention the danger of ultraviolet rays from the sun during a typical Portland winter and you’ll get a big laugh. But UV rays are sneaky. Sitting in an office or at home in a spot that gets the sunlight that does appear can increase the risk of skin damage.

Window film can eliminate about 99 percent of all the UV rays. This means you can enjoy natural sunlight without exposure to harmful rays.


Window film is available in a wide variety of tints and reflective finishes. Darker colors can give you privacy by reflecting light and making it hard for people to see in. But you can still see out, enjoying the view. In fact, these films look barely there to the occupants of rooms with film on the windows.

Increase Comfort Level, Reduce Heating Costs

Even during a Portland winter, south-facing windows can become hot spots. The film reduces solar heat gain in these areas, but retains warmth. This helps balance the temperature in a home or building, keeping people more comfortable.

The window tint also reduces heating costs because the window film allows a room to heat up faster and maintain its warmth longer.

Another benefit of reducing glare allows you to enjoy a view, watch television, use your computer and other electronics without the light distraction.

Reduce Damage from Graffiti

Is graffiti a problem in your area? Graffiti Gard window film is a simple way to protect windows from vandalism by street artists. It also works for mirrors and other types of non-porous surfaces.

When the window film is installed, the graffiti paint and scratching lands on the film, not your building. New film can easily replace the old. This is much cheaper than replacing a window.

Trust Experience

Pacific Window Tinting has been helping residents of Portland and surrounding communities since 1998. This local, family-owned company has earned a reputation for attention to detail, quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

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