Window Tinting Eases the Winter Blues in Portland

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Ah, winter in Portland. Our city looks pretty no matter what the weather, but the shorter, colder, darker days can bring on the winter blues.

For too many people SAD is more than a state of mind. Season affective disorder (SAD) results in a state of depression for 4 to 6 percent of the population. A further 20 percent deal with a milder form.

Spending time in natural light combats the effects of SAD.

How Window Tinting Eases the Winter Blues

You can increase your exposure to natural light even when you’re indoors. Leave the blinds open or take them down. To give yourself privacy and protection from UV light, install residential window tinting or commercial window tinting.

People who suffer from SAD report benefits from replacing standard window coverings with window film. It is available in clear and tinted options, as well as reflective finishes.

With tinted or reflective window film, you have privacy but don’t suffer from light deprivation. The film lets in natural light, which improves mood and lessens the chance of depression.

Pacific Window Tinting can show you the range of window film available. We are happy to answer questions about cost and installation and can send you samples of our products.

Spend Time Exercising

Regular exercise is a standard prescription for anyone suffering from depression. It has shown benefits for people with SAD. Exercising outdoors in natural light is best. Even in Oregon, there are times when the sun shines a bit.

But doing your workout indoors helps, too. Use your favorite workout video. Ride an exercise bike. Lift weights. Walk on a treadmill. Use an elliptical machine. Use a room with natural light if you have one available.

Try Vitamin D

Researchers have linked low levels of Vitamin D to depression and SAD. Many sufferers have felt improvement after taking the supplement. Talk to your doctor. She can test your levels and tell you if Vitamin D would help.

Use Artificial Light

Light therapy boxes imitate the effects of sunshine, making them a therapeutic option for people with SAD. The devices use lights brighter than standard light bulbs. The boxes can have varying wavelengths, stimulating your circadian rhythms and restoring the body’s natural balance.

Dawn simulators can also be helpful. They work like alarm clocks using a gradual increase in light to wake you up. Look for devices with full-spectrum light, which better mimics natural sunlight.

Are you ready to have a brighter season? Contact Pacific Window Tinting in Portland for a free estimate.