6 Ways to Make Your Home Bright

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May is here – and that means more sunshine in the Pacific Northwest! Here are some ways to make your home bright and fill it with springtime cheer.

Make your home bright by removing drapes and blinds.

Ditch the Drapes

Not every window needs drapes or blinds. Even when open, drapes partially block a window’s light. If you don’t need the privacy, take down the blinds or curtains and let natural light stream in.

If high temperatures are a concern, install window film that reduces heat and ultraviolet exposure. These films are nearly transparent, but make hot rooms more comfortable in summer.

Where comfort or discretion call for window coverings, install frosted or tinted film. Frosted window film looks like etched glass. It’s great for bathrooms, front entryways and stairways. It gives you the privacy you need while retaining the airy feel of uncovered windows.

Shed Some Light on the Situation

Spot and task illumination places light where you need it most. Artfully arranged accent lamps create a warm atmosphere. Lights draw attention to architectural features and bring dark corners to life. What type of light bulbs should you use? Choose bulbs that produce a color you like, or that make a task easier. Finding your preference may take trial and error. There are lots of long-lasting, energy-efficient bulbs to choose from.

Discover the Joy of Painting

A new coat of paint is one of the quickest ways to change the mood in a room and make your home bright. Lighter shades make a space brighter, but don’t dismiss the idea of dark or bright colors. A richly hued, dark wall makes light-colored furniture and accessories pop. A brightly painted wall can create a focal point.

Smoke and Mirrors

Skip the smoke, but add the mirrors. A well-placed mirror reflects and enhances light from a window. Choose a mirror with a great frame and hang it as if it were a piece of art. Group it with other framed pieces for a lively effect.

Tap Into Flower Power

Plants and cut flowers are instant mood enhancers. They make an otherwise sterile room feel inviting. Invest in vases for cut flowers. If your yard is awash in early blooming bulbs, such as daffodil or crocus, sacrifice a few to make your home brighter.

Keep It Clean

Cleaning can make your home bright. Clutter can be oppressive and moods seldom soar under a layer of dust. When you invite in the sun by installing window film, often the first thing you notice is how much dust has accumulated. Make your space sparkle, and you’ll feel better.

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