Avoid a Blinding Work Space with Window Film

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blinding work space

Does your office have a view? Is it blessed with an abundance of natural light? Those are things to treasure. Full-time workers spend somewhere around 2,000 hours at work per year. Natural light and open vistas make that time more pleasant and productive.

Being awash in light, however, isn’t universally welcome. There are times in the day or year when sunlight grows too strong. If your employees are getting blinded by the light, window film can tame the glare without sacrificing the view.

An Open and Shut Case for Natural Light

Retaining good employees is, or should be, a top goal of every business. Part of keeping your team happy is making sure they have a safe and comfortable space. Studies of the effects of light on office workers suggest that natural light is good for health, morale and productivity. People in the studies who got adequate light from windows, slept better and had a better quality of life than those who didn’t. In light of these findings, installing window blinds or drapes is not a good solution for cutting reducing an excess of light.

How Window Film Prevents a Blinding Work Space

Window film comes in various tints and thicknesses. Some film is nearly imperceptible. Yet, contained in its slim, subtle profile, are components that decrease blinding glare, heat and harmful ultraviolet rays. Dressed up with window tinting, your windows are like huge sunglasses. Lenses in glasses can be dark or light. It’s the same with film.

If you think film can help with a blinding work space, but you’re not sure how dark to go, we’ll send you samples. Hold the sample to the windows. Get a feel for their look and effectiveness before you decide what’s right for you.

When you install film on windows, you aren’t just reducing glare that plagues vision and computer monitors. You’ll turn down the heat on hotspots and halt fading caused by sunlight. With Panorama films, 99 percent of ultraviolet light and 70 percent of solar heat are blocked.

Taking It Up a Notch With Branding

Window film is more than just functional. It can also be a part of your marketing strategy. If you’re considering installing film to reduce glare, don’t forget to check out the decorative and branding possibilities. Window film can include your logo. It can include your company motto. It can include any combination of text and graphics you desire.Window film has a wide range of commercial applications. Among it’s most useful is enhancing the environment in the workplace. If you’re looking for solutions that can cut glare, give us a call. We have many types of film and one is sure to be right for your office.