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Custom Window Film and Graphics for Your Portland Office

When you think of window film, graphic installations might not be the first thing that comes to mind. In its most familiar use, tinted window film is characterized by subtle shading that protects people and interiors from glare, heat and ultraviolet light.

Mountain Window Film Graphic by Pacific Tint Portland ORFilm, however, isn’t just for glass. It is much more than just tinting for windows. We can install film on the walls of your offices, hallways, lobbies, or the windows and glass if you’re a traditionalist, basically just about anywhere. Decorative film includes anything from a logo and text to large-scale murals.

Why not apply a cool film, eye catching design, or brand graphic to take your Portland work environment up a notch and impress your customers and clients!

Decorative Window Film Elevates Your Company’s Brand

Branding is important for every company. Portland is filled with interesting businesses all looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. To stay visible in Oregon’s crowded landscape of companies, keep your brand front and center. You can do this in a variety of ways, through marketing, advertising and PR. Perhaps the easiest and most direct way to display your brand is with words and images on the walls and windows of your buildings.

Here’s how you can use decorative film to enhance visibility and brand identity.

  • Highlight your Portland pride by installing film carrying one of the city’s iconic images. We recently completed a piece showing one of Portland’s most recognizable sights.

  • No state is more outdoorsy than Oregon. Show your love of nature by installing a large-scale installation of forests or waterfalls.

  • Are you dreaming of a mural? Film is one of the most affordable ways to get an eye-popping graphic in your building.

  • Modern, light-filled installations using glass and film are striking, sleek and unforgettable

  • Your logo should be instantly recognizable and prominently displayed. Film is a cost-effective way to get renditions of your logo on exterior and interior windows, repeated throughout your office or facility.

  • Every business has a core set of values, often represented by a motto. Your company motto and values can be plotted on film and displayed with your logo.

Art is expensive. Decorative window film and graphic installations are among the most affordable ways to beautify and brand your business headquarters. We can create incredible graphics at a fraction of the cost of commissioning a large painting, mural or engraved window.

We use a computerized plotter to create your design, and then add finishing touches by hand. Learn about our work at the University of Oregon.

Here are some cool custom window film and graphic projects we’ve been working on lately that might inspire you!

1. This is the Standard Insurance Building in Bellevue, WA.  We added a frosted Seattle Skyline to their conference room windows.

Custom Window Graphic

2. We applied a Blue film over a decorative piece of art glass

Custom Window Graphic

3. This is the Standard Insurance Building in Downtown Portland.  We added a 3D graphic to the conference room glass.

Custom Window Graphic

4. This is the main hallway that runs through the Genentech building in Hillsboro. They wanted something other than solid frost, so we added a helix to break it up.

 Custom Window Graphic

5.  This is the executive boardroom at the Daimler Trucks North America Corporate office in Portland, Oregon.They wanted privacy and interest, so we created a custom print.

Custom Window Graphic

6. At the Standard Plaza downtown Portland, they wanted semi-privacy. So, we created a custom fade film that starts opaque at the bottom and gradually becomes clear at the top.

Custom Window Film

7. For Grassa in downtown Portland we applied a custom print that incorporated their name and logo on the entry doors. They wanted it to be seen – did we succeed?

Custom Window Graphic

If you would like to add some interest to your workspace, call Pacific Window Tinting, Inc. today at 503-736-9000! We’d be delighted to discuss your ideas.


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