Stained glass window tint for homes

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stained glass window tint film options

stained glass window tint film optionsStained glass windows have been around since the first century. Their gorgeous designs were used to beautify buildings, manage light, and share cultural and religious stories. Churches and monasteries used stained glass windows to inspire the faithful through visual narratives. We like stained glass windows because their beauty changes as the light moves across them throughout the day. The bright colors and changing patterns of stained glass windows stand out against their backdrop and draw our attention and admiration. Stained glass window tint have become more popular for homes, as people look for ways to add charm, detail and self-expression to their residence.

Stained glass window tint – a great option for creating the look of stained glass

Although we’d all like to incorporate stained glass windows into our home décor, the cost of premade stained panels can be daunting. Pre-made stained-glass panels starting cost is $150 per panel and could go as high as $10,000 for larger windows and more detailed designs. Artisans may charge you a minimum of $1,000 for a custom panel.

While stained glass windows can cost thousands of dollars for materials and installation, stained glass window tint film offers more advantages at cost-effective rates. Stained glass window tint is a decorative, translucent film and provides an affordable, quality alternative that creates a visual effect similar to a stained-glass window.

Where to use stained glass window tint film

Your stained glass tint in the window will make a statement and so should be placed in areas where it will be best viewed and appreciated.  Place stained glass window tint on any number of windows in or around your entry door, on a window in a hallway or staircase landing, or for lovely privacy in a bathroom window.

If you have several windows in your living room or in a hallway, think about adding stained glass window tint to offer color and decoration while delivering the full light available during the day.  Indoor porches, sunrooms, or areas with skylights are also great spots for stained glass window tint film, with maximum light to enjoy the beauty of the colors.

Portland stained glass window tint film

You can select from a our wide selection of available colors or designs. Or, you can work with the team at Pacific Window Tinting to create a custom design, completely unique and personalized to fit your space. Your custom stained-glass window tint is limited only by your imagination. You’ll get the functional benefits of heat and glare relief, saving energy and money while beautifying your windows.

Brighten your home (and your spirits) by adding stained glass window tint to your windows.  Contact Pacific Window Tinting to learn more about design options.