Erase Those Ugly Marks With Graffiti Gard

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etching graffiti on a window

If you’re a shop owner or a commercial property manager, no matter if you’re in a big city or a small town, graffiti is an issue. Some vandals will put their mark on a wall with spray paint and you can paint over it. But, what happens when they scratch up your windows? Many store fronts have large or uniquely shaped windows that would cost a fortune to replace.

Graffiti doesn’t just look bad on your building. According to the National Urban Institute, this kind of vandalism also:

  • intimidates residents

  • scares away customers

  • discourages tourism

  • invites street gangs and other vandals, and

  • attracts crime in general.

You need an affordable, effective defense against damage caused by vandalism, and that’s where graffiti protective window film comes in. This type of window film is a clear, durable, removable, product that creates a strong barrier between the graffiti artist and the smooth surfaces they protect. It can be applied to all kinds of surfaces including glass, mirrors, stainless steel, and marble. So, not only can you keep your windows free of scratches, you can protect your bathroom stalls and vanities too– and we all know those take a beating. The film itself is unnoticeable, but it is strong enough to withstand everything from paint to acid etching. All this, and, graffiti protective window film will cost a fraction of replacing damaged windows.

But, what if your windows are already vandalized? You won’t want to protect a scratched up window from more scratches. The good news is, you don’t have to go out any buy new windows and the film. Before you have your graffiti film applied, give us a call and we’ll get those existing scratches buffed out– also at the fraction of the cost of replacing expensive store front glass.. Then what you have is beautiful clear glass, ready for your specialized window film. And in the end, you’ll have smooth surfaces that can stand up to any vandal.

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