Add Style And Interest With Decorative Window Film

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All it takes is a thin sheet of film to transform just about any plain old window into a creative, stylish element of your home. Today’s options in decorative window film offer an affordable way to brighten up a room while simultaneously creating an inviting ambient light. Decorative film is available in countless styles and colors, making it perfect for anyone who is looking for an inexpensive and attractive accent that is sure to get noticed.

Styles of Decorative Window Film

While you’ll find a wide variety of patterns and designs, window film that mimics actual decorative glass has always been the most popular. Film that gives your glass the appearance that it is stained or frosted is a favorite of many homeowners because of its classic and traditional aesthetic. Having an actual stained, etched, or frosted glass windowpane installed could be surprisingly expensive. And, unless you’re happy to throw that money away, you’re stuck with the results. When you use decorative window film, it can easily be removed if you grow bored with the look after a year or two. Plus, you won’t spend an arm and a leg to get that look in the first place.

Frosted and stained glass are not the only styles available, however. People who enjoy an artistic flare might consider window film that looks like a mural or painting. There are even textured films that are designed to look and feel of glass blocks, which would also cost you a  pretty penny if you wanted to have it installed.

Apply decorative window film to glass cabinet doors to freshen up the look of your kitchen, take a themed room to the next level, or add color and excitement to your kids’ rooms. The options are virtually endless and we’re finding creative new ways and places to apply it all the time.

Window Film for Privacy

One of the most practical reasons to install decorative window film actually has less to do with decoration, and more to do with privacy. In areas where you don’t want the outside looking in, you can have a window film installed that is designed to not only look good, but to provide concealment as well.

This is a concern that often comes into play in the bathroom. For a fraction of the cost of installing specialty glass, you can add any look, pattern, or design to your existing bathroom windows. And, because window film is made for moisture resistance, the privacy you need will last as long as you want.

Add an element of privacy to the windows in your garage, media room, or bedrooms as well.

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