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How to Reduce Skin Cancer Risk With Window Film

Ultraviolet light ages skin, damages eyes and is linked to about 90 percent of skin cancers. Most people know they should wear sun protection outdoors. When we're indoors, however, what's the best way to protect against sun damage? Ultraviolet light shines through glass, reaching people at work and home. But who wants to wear a hat and sunglasses when they’re sitting on the couch? Tinted window film blocks ultraviolet rays, up to 99 percent of them. It's an effective and affordable way to retrofit windows in both businesses and homes. Why Use Window Film to Block UV Light? Standard windows in homes and businesses don't offer full protection from UV light. Glass filters UVB light, but it won't protect against UVA light. Our solar films keep out up to 99 percent of UV rays. Unlike drapes or blinds, tinted film won't block the view. Most people appreciate good lighting. Particularly in Portland, where winters are gray, people crave the natural light provided by a window seat. But if your desk at work or your favorite chair at home is next to a window, your daily dose of sunlight may be harming your skin. Tinted window film protects from the cumulative damage of ultraviolet light. Overexposure to sunlight can lead to skin cancers and signs of aging. UV light will find you whether you're indoors or outside, whether it's the middle of summer or during the dark days of winter. Protection from UV rays is particularly important for those who are sensitive to light because Read more [...] Continue Reading

Will Window Film Peel, Change Color or Bubble?

Spring is on its way. Soon, Portland’s cloudy skies will clear and sunny days will make everyone feel a little more cheerful. The bright light makes us want to throw open the windows and roll up the shades. If you feel the same, you can make your home or business more comfortable with window tinting. Both residential and commercial window film lets you enjoy natural light while reducing hot spots and UV damage. Many people are familiar with the DIY window film sold in home-improvement stores. These don't compare with professional installation and high-quality products. If you've tried to install the film yourself, you may have had trouble with durability, wrinkles and adhesion. If you're worried about how window film will look on your windows, you can rest assured. Professional window tinting maintains as well as improves the beauty and function of your windows. Here’s what you need to know about the high-quality products available for your home or business. Does Window Film Peel, Change Color, or Bubble? When you choose professional installation, window film provides years of protection. It won't peel or change color. We install window tinting to meet the manufacturer's specifications. Warranties protect in cases of peeling, changing color and bubbling. Protection ranges from 3 years to a lifetime. Warranties apply only to professionally installed film. Learn more about our guarantee here. What Is Window Film? Window film is a coated polyester sheet. Read more [...] Continue Reading

Install Window Film for Year-Round Benefits

There are many reasons to move forward with a window film installation in your home or business, but we are going to break down three of the most important ones in this quick guide. Here in the Portland, Oregon area, people are getting serious about not only improving the value of their buildings by making smart upgrades, but also looking for ways to reduce their impact on the environment. With window film, you are going to be able to control heating and cooling costs, reduce glare, and dramatically lessen the impact of harmful UV rays all at the same time. Plus, installing window film is a smart investment. If you're planning to sell, the task will be easier if you've protected your furnishings or merchandise from UV damage. Window Film Can Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs by 50 Percent The overwhelming majority of a building's energy loss happens via its windows. Upgrading to efficient windows can help, but for many people, replacing all the windows in their home or business isn’t an option. The expense of new windows is significant. But when you have window film installed, you are going to be able to block out a lot of excess heat during the summer months. You’re also going to be able to add an extra layer of insulation to your windows to keep heat inside during the winter. Window tinting can cut down on your heating and cooling costs by at least 50 percent, possibly even more. Eliminate Blinding Glare There’s nothing worse than feeling as though you Read more [...] Continue Reading

Improve Energy Efficiency with Window Tinting for Hotels

Successful hotels cater to the comfort of each guest. That means making each room cooler or warmer, depending on what the customer wants. Multiply that by tens or hundreds or even thousands. It makes for a very expensive energy bill each month. That’s why smart hotel owners in Oregon are using window tinting to cool rooms or reduce the amount of heat loss by as much as one-quarter. In terms of energy bills, it can amount to a five percent savings over the course of a year. Window Tinting Helps Hotels Consider a hotel with over 900,000 square feet and AC costs exceeding $1 million a year. What if just by installing window film the hotel could cut the cost of cooling rooms by 10 percent? The hotel would save $100,000 yearly. It wouldn’t take long for our hypothetical hotel to recoup the costs of window film installation. Could your Portland, Oregon hotel reap savings like that? We can help you explore the possible benefits of window film with an energy analysis. Saving depends on many factors and we have software that provides a cost-benefit analysis. Contact us for more information. Tinting does more than reduce energy bills. It also blocks UV rays that fade drapes, art, upholstery and other hotel furnishings. This reduces your replacement and repair costs. Tinting Helps Guests Window tinting for hotels adds to your guest’s comfort. It blocks the amount of heat that enters the room so the space stays more comfortable. Your customer doesn’t automatically Read more [...] Continue Reading

Natural Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

Summer weather in Portland is lovely and all too brief. Many Rose City residents don’t bother with air conditioning, choosing to swelter for the short hot spells instead of running up the power bills with AC. If your home or workplace doesn’t have AC, or you want to use it less frequently, there are natural ways to stay cool this summer. Tip #1: Install window film. Professional window tinting can reduce heat imbalances in your home that are caused by sunny windows. Keeping an even temperature throughout your home or office will maximize the overall efficiency of your heating and cooling system. When you do use it, you’ll notice a difference in your energy bill. Also, window film reduces glare and reflects up to 99 percent of damaging ultraviolet light. The film can be nearly imperceptible, or it can be tinted. Darker shades are a good option if you want privacy as well as protection from the sun. Tip #2: Open windows and doors On a warm and sunny day, it’s nice to open the windows and let cool air in. Keep in mind that if the windows are open as the temperatures rise, hot air will flow in. In the morning and evenings, open the windows and doors up to let the warm air out of the house and the cool morning air in. If you don’t have window film, close curtains to block the light from sunny windows. Tip #3: Don’t heat up your house with appliances and electronics. Turn off lights, fans, or appliances that are not being used throughout the day. Running these Read more [...] Continue Reading

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