Will Window Film Peel, Change Color or Bubble?

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Spring is on its way. Soon, Portland’s cloudy skies will clear and sunny days will make everyone feel a little more cheerful. The bright light makes us want to throw open the windows and roll up the shades.

Window film appears clear.

If you feel the same, you can make your home or business more comfortable with window tinting. Both residential and commercial window film lets you enjoy natural light while reducing hot spots and UV damage.

Many people are familiar with the DIY window film sold in home-improvement stores. These don’t compare with professional installation and high-quality products. If you’ve tried to install the film yourself, you may have had trouble with durability, wrinkles and adhesion.

If you’re worried about how window film will look on your windows, you can rest assured. Professional window tinting maintains as well as improves the beauty and function of your windows.

Here’s what you need to know about the high-quality products available for your home or business.

Does Window Film Peel, Change Color, or Bubble?

When you choose professional installation, window film provides years of protection. It won’t peel or change color. We install window tinting to meet the manufacturer’s specifications. Warranties protect in cases of peeling, changing color and bubbling. Protection ranges from 3 years to a lifetime. Warranties apply only to professionally installed film.

Learn more about our guarantee here.

What Is Window Film?

Window film is a coated polyester sheet. Also called window tinting, the film is applied directly to windows. Some films are safety films. Others block out about 99 percent of ultraviolet light. Film prevents glare, controls hot spots and can be reflective. The product may be clear, tinted or decorative. Different products offer varying levels of protection and color.

How Is Window Tinting Applied?

Professional installation is key. Most film is for the interior of your windows, although some circumstances call for external applications. Interior applications last longer because they don’t have to withstand weather. Our in-house technicians make sure the film is perfectly smooth and aligned. They use a fluid to apply the product. The moisture takes some time to dry. While it’s drying, you shouldn’t wash your windows. Once the film dries, you can clean it with a gentle cleanser, distilled water and a non-abrasive cloth.

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Our team at Pacific Tint provides solutions for all kinds of window tinting needs. Contact us today for information on which type of window film could work for your space as well as your budget.