Protect Your Store Window Display

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An artful window display is one of the best ways to attract customers. Unfortunately, that clear view isn’t always good for your products.

Ultraviolet light can fade merchandise, turn white paint yellow and damage your store’s furnishings. Unfiltered sunlight may contribute to hot spots, making employees and customers uncomfortably warm. Tempting displays may also prove an irresistible attraction for thieves.

How Window Tinting Protects Window Displays

Window film is an affordable means of protecting property and people by improving the integrity of the surface. These window treatments can be undetectable even as they guard against UV rays, heat, glare and burglars. What type of film should you choose? That depends on your needs and goals. Let’s look at the benefits of different types of window film.

What Are the Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting?

Fade, Glare and Heat Control: Our Panorama Solar films are an efficient and economical way to reduce the ultraviolet light entering your store. It doesn’t take long for some products to fade or show damage from the sun. To ensure passersby can enjoy store displays, choose a film that’s nearly invisible. Solar film reduces the amount of heat generated by sunlight and may reduce air conditioning costs.

Enhanced Security: All film makes it more difficult to break windows. But, if security is your priority, choose an application popular in federal buildings and military bases. Armorcoat Safety film can slow or stop burglars. The sturdy covering makes it difficult to break windows. If the glass does break, the pieces often adhere to the film and remain inside the window frame. Thieves who hope to grab and dash are thwarted when they encounter Armorcoat.

Step Up Branding: Decorative window film puts your logo front and center and attracts much wanted attention. We custom design our tint to display graphics to make the most of your store’s windows with a prominent display of your name and logo.

Protection From Graffiti: Graffiti and vandalism cost businesses thousands of dollars each year. Graffiti Gard window film protects windows and other smooth surfaces from paint, markers and scratches. If a vandal attacks your display window, rather than spending hours cleaning up or replacing window panes, replace the Graffiti Gard film.

Tinting for Your Portland Store’s Window Display

Pacific Window Tinting offers a variety of window film. Please contact Pacific Window Tinting for more information on our commercial services.