How Window Film Protects Office Decor

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Custom window film ideas for your business or commercial building

Smart business owners leave nothing to chance. They take control of their services, products and professional image. From the design of a logo to the choice of office decor, you’ve invested time and money ensuring that every detail reflects the company brand. While your company’s decor may not be the heart of your business, customers and clients make judgments based on first impressions.

Faded furniture, peeling paint and threadbare carpets probably weren’t what you had in mind when you imagined the ideal office. But if your workspace has windows, it’s only a matter of time before sunlight takes a toll on your furnishings and merchandise. In just a few months, ultraviolet light can transform new decor into a faded patchwork.

It’s a struggle to balance the need for light with the need to limit glare, heat and sun damage. Natural light is uplifting and nearly everyone prizes a view. A window on the world and plenty of full-spectrum light are good for your staff’s mood and productivity.

The last thing you want is to black out the windows with blinds or shades. You don’t have to. Today’s window films come in a range of tints and strengths. When film is professionally installed, it’s nearly invisible. Tinted windows allow you to keep windows clear while limiting damage from the sun.

How Window Film Protects Office Decor

Panorama Solar Film blocks up to 99 percent of ultraviolet rays. Also known as UV light, these are the rays that cause the lion’s share of fading and damage.

Here are the types of destruction that Panorama Solar Film limits:

  • Bleached wood: Ultraviolet rays bleach natural woods. Rich color fades and may turn gray. Sunlight damages wood floors, banisters and furniture.

  • Dried out wood: Heat drys wood. Wood shrinks and expands in response to heat and humidity. Window film rejects solar energy. A more consistent indoor environment helps prevent the swelling and shrinking that causes splits, warping and damage to wood furniture.

  • Faded upholstery/carpets: Upholstered chairs and sofas fade in sunlight. Cotton and wool break down. Leather cracks and dries out. Synthetics get stiff and fade.

  • Discolored paint, stain: White and light-colored paint yellows with exposure to light. Dark stain fades and clear finishes may become clouded.

  • Damaged varnish: Sun takes the gleam out of shiny varnish and finishes. A smooth, reflective finish may develop fine lines and cracks.

  • Yellowed paper: Books and papers yellow and become brittle in direct light.

Protect Your Image and Investment

Clients and customers respond to a professional image. Faded, dingy furnishings look neglected and reflect poorly on your company. Window film protects your investment, keeping office decor looking well tended.

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