All about solar control film

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Window film as clear as glass? That’s right: it exists. Solar control window tinting is incredibly versatile and effective in keeping your home or commercial space comfortable, protected, and beautiful. By allowing natural light to flood the room, but keeping UV rays in check, you’ll get the best of both worlds!

What is Solar Control Film?

This is a thin window film that is applied to your home’s windows or office space. It is available in a variety of options including reflective, dual-reflective, natural, and Low-E. By keeping the heat out, but allowing visible light in, your home will maintain a more even temperature.

When professionally installed, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between a “covered” window and one without. Because the window is protected with film, it becomes much easier to keep clean, too. Window streaks, hard to remove water spots, and more will be a thing of the past.

Solar Control Film Benefits

  • Heat: Do you have hot spots that come from sunny windows? Heat absorbing glass windows with solar film will help reject solar heat, which keeps the interior of your home or office cooler and more comfortable.
  • Energy: Window film can save up to 30% in energy usage, which allows you to save big money at the end of the year.
  • Ultraviolet rays: Window film offers up to 99% protection from UV rays.
  • Glare: Solar control window tinting helps reduce solar glare up to 95%, so say goodbye to annoying bright light that interferes with what you are doing inside.
  • Security: Window film helps add an extra layer of security to keep your home protected from weather elements or impact from a foreign object.
  • Fading: Faded furniture from excessive exposure to the sun is a thing of the past. Solar tinted glass helps protect the fading of your belongings as well as your carpet or floors.

Work With Professionals

Durable, efficient, and they look great – just as long as they are installed correctly. If you have floor to ceiling windows, any inconsistencies during installation are easy to spot. You’ve seen the cars with bubbled tinted window film? Do you want the same look for your home?

We are proud dealers of Panorama Solar films. They come in a variety of different tint options. So, you will be sure to find one that fits your unique requirements. Our team of professionals at Pacific Window Tinting will install your window film quickly and efficiently so your home or commercial space will stay protected.

Our application process is flawless, and we guarantee your satisfaction. Our experience speaks for itself – we have been helping customers since 1998. Interested in learning more about solar films, tinted window films, or decorative window films for bathroom and other applications? Contact us today to request a free estimate or to get your installation scheduled!