Decorative Window Film For Bathroom Windows

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Woman peering through frosted glass shower door

Although it may be used the least, the bathroom is one of the most important areas of your home. No matter if it’s just big enough to hold a shower, toilet, and sink or as part of a luxurious master suite. It’s where we brush our teeth, shower, get ready in the morning, and – well – go to the bathroom.

All of which are relatively private scenarios, unless you like taking care of your pearly whites with an audience. Unfortunately, tying up the only bathroom in the house of multiple people can lead to banging doors and please to “hurry up!”

Putting on makeup or shaving the 5 o’clock shadow is one thing. Taking a shower is completely different, even for married couples. Glass doors add a touch of elegance, but not much privacy. And shower curtains are difficult to keep clean after a few years.

Add Privacy in Minutes

After installing a film on the exterior of the shower door, issues with privacy are a thing of the past. Whether it gives the appearance of frosted glass, a colorful mosaic, or some other home decor film, your shower will have the privacy you need with the look you want. Adhesive window film also sticks better to shower door windows than static cling window film that’s non-adhesive.

Don’t forget: the film works both ways. Is your bathroom on the second story looking over the neighbor’s backyard? And is your neighbor less than diligent about landscaping? With a frosted tint on the bottom half of the glass, all you’ll see is the Pacific Northwest sky!

Bathroom Mirrors
Looking for a decorative touch on your bathroom mirror? All of the great products we use to supply privacy in the bathroom can also be used to add some life to your mirror. From decorative borders to small images in the corners, Pacific Window Tinting provides the last bit of flair for an updated bathroom.

This is true throughout the house as well. Tinted windows around the front door allow you to see out, but unwanted looky-loos can’t see in. With so many people working from home, being able to protect your computers, laptops, monitors, and other expensive electronics from being seen, while still allowing for natural light, is important.

Immediate, Inexpensive Upgrades

As we mentioned above, window film can make almost any space seem that much more luxurious. We’ve seen the high-end homes in magazines or lifestyle television where glass showers are hand-etched to provide an air of elegance. Decorative window film for your bathroom glass will project the same status.

For much less money, too. From standard patterns to custom shapes or even pop-art inspired images, window films can be custom designed for any taste. And there’s still one more reason to seriously consider window tints or films to your bathroom windows.

Easy To Clean

Trying to keep glass-enclosed showers looking clean has to be one of the hardest jobs in the home. Not only is it constantly being bombarded with water, but the constant steam and dampness are also breeding grounds for mold and mildew. Even with a squeegee after every shower (and who’s going to do that?), there will still be residue left behind.

By using door- and wall-length window film on the doors, cleaning the shower becomes that much easier. The material is scratch-resistant and can be cleaned with soapy water and a towel. Imagine trying to do that with glass windows, doors, and or walls.

Work With Professionals

Pacific Window Tinting has been providing decorative window films, anti-UV window coverings for heat control, window decals, and more in the Greater Portland Metro area for more than 20 years. Not only are we familiar with the standard products, but we also keep up to date on the newest trends and technologies in the market.

Why is this important? We’ve all seen that car with the do-it-yourself window tinting on the back window. Bubbles, peeling at the edges, and just not giving off the vibe it was supposed to. Is that the look you want to give your bathroom shower door or entrance to your professional business?

We also work with the best materials, allowing for the best results. Film frosted security windows for your business, privacy film for your bathroom windows, or decorative decals for your front door. All will be installed with the same care and experience that our clients expect from us.

Interested in a certain design or pattern? Contact Pacific Window Tinting and let us know what you’re looking to create. Classic boardroom floor to ceiling graphics to colorful mosaics in the bathroom. We design, cut to size, and install the tint or film to your windows to help you project your personality.