How to Choose Commercial Window Film

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Windows are often what customers first see when they look at your establishment. Big, bright windows create an open and welcoming image.

But those same windows can create problems. Glare, heat, UV damage and vulnerability to thieves and vandals are some of the downsides of large windows. Commercial window tinting can help. Window film helps you save money by reducing hot spots and glare. It can also slow burglars and thwart vandals.

Energy-Saving Benefits

Businesses often consider installing window tinting to help save energy. Window film reduces the heat that enters through windows keeping your interior cooler, reducing the need for air conditioning. You’ll save on energy costs while reducing wear on your HVAC system. Employees will feel better when hot spots from southern-facing windows are eliminated. Savings can be substantial and we can help you calculate the potential financial gains.

Learn more by requesting an energy assessment.

How Much UV Protection Do You Need?

Even in cloudy Portland, the sun’s rays can fade your furnishings. Sunlight damages floors, furniture, merchandise and equipment. Window film helps preserve the value of your property. More importantly, film can help protects people’s’ health. You don’t need to be sunbathing to experience the damaging effects of too much sun. Window film is available in various strengths of UV protection.

 Learn more about window film’s power to protect against the sun.

Does Your Business Require Privacy?

If your office windows are at street level, your business may be visible to passersby. Privacy will be nil, and if your staff uses computers, glare can be a problem. Window film is available in various levels of reflectivity. Reflective film allows you to see out, but keeps those on the street from seeing in. If you want more privacy, choose a frosted or decorative film. You can even order a custom design featuring your company logo or branding.

Learn about frosted and decorative window film.

Does Your Business Need Enhanced Security?

Locks on your doors won’t do any good if someone decides to break a window. Security window film makes it more difficult for thieves to smash the glass and gain entry. The film also helps in the case of natural disasters. This strong product keeps broken glass from flying. If glass breaks, the pieces are held together by the film. If your property has a problem with graffiti, we have a product that can help. We can adhere Graffiti Gard to nearly any smooth surface, indoors or outdoors. If vandals strike, the film is easily replaced.

Learn more about safety film and graffiti protection.

We install many types of commercial window film. We’ll suggest a product that best suits your needs. Contact us for an estimate and consultation.