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Make Your Rental Property More Appealing


Portland landlords aren’t exactly hard-pressed to find tenants. If you rent homes or apartments in the city, you may feel like prospective tenants are knocking down your door. While there’s no lack of renters in the Rose City, improving the condition and appeal of your properties may help you attract the type of occupant you…

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5 Ways Window Film Enhances an Office


Commercial applications of window film aren’t limited to large reflective windows in impressive office buildings. Film solves a number of problems that plague commercial buildings. It can make your office more comfortable, efficient and safe. Here are a few of the ways window film can enhance your office or workplace….

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Window Tinting for Company Branding

Pacific Window Tinting offers a wide variety of commercial window tinting services, from decorative films with custom artwork and company branding, to completely clear security films for reinforced strength and shatter resistance. As Portland’s leading architectural window tinting company, Pacific Window Tinting has established a reputation for excellence and accountability in all installations….

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Benefits of Security Window Tinting

Woman staring at the window

While commonly thought of in terms of reducing sunlight, window tints can actually come in completely clear options, and be used to reinforce windows to protect against impact. Shielding Against Neighborhood Accidents Whether you live near Laurelhurst Park or somewhere in Lair Hill, neighborhood accidents can happen. It could be anything from an errant baseball…

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Benefits of Retrofitting Older Hotels

Hotel apartment interior

Chances are that if you think your hotel may need some work, it almost definitely needs some work—after all, as a hotelier, you very likely aim to keep up with modern trends and guest preferences in order to stay current and competitive. More specifically, it is a savvy move to “green retrofit” your hotel (i.e.,…

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5 Reasons to Tint Your Skylight

skylight and window glare

Yes, there are some downsides to having a skylight in the home. From raising indoor temperatures during the summer to exposing your family to potentially dangerous UV rays, skylights can create new problems while solving others. However, these annoyances can be solved simply with professionally installed window tints. While skylights are beautiful sources of natural…

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Riots Inspire Demand for Storefront Security Window Film

Policeman controlling protest

There has been much civil unrest across the country following the police-involved deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. People have been protesting, rioting in the streets, and destroying property for several weeks, which has inspired many business owners to install security window film. Film installers in St. Louis have done more work to protect…

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Case Studies: The Benefits of Window Film For Commercial Buildings


When you’re a building manager considering all possible solutions for a given problem, it helps to see examples of similar buildings with similar problems. To show you the way toward energy efficiency and increased safety, we put together a couple of case studies on commercial buildings that have benefited from window film. Medical Building Makeover…

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