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Does Window Film Make Windows Dark?


Our lightly tinted window films keep glass clear and bright. Panorama Solar window film allows natural light to stream into your home. At the same time, the product blocks heat and ultraviolet rays. While tinted film adds a subtle shading to windows, many films are practically invisible. Film comes in a range of tints and…

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5 Ways Window Film Enhances an Office


Commercial applications of window film aren’t limited to large reflective windows in impressive office buildings. Film solves a number of problems that plague commercial buildings. It can make your office more comfortable, efficient and safe. Here are a few of the ways window film can enhance your office or workplace….

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Rebranded? Share Your New Logo with Decorative Window Film!


Rebranding is a major change for a company. It requires a lot of work to pull off. One important step to take is replacing your old logo or company name, which means you have to alter everything from stationery to your office décor. Switching out the window film in your building is an excellent way…

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What Does Window Film Look Like?

window tint in a commercial building

Do you want the benefits of window film but worry your windows will look dark? Window film has come a long way. Today’s clear films are nearly undetectable and will not obscure your view. Window film blocks glare, UV rays and solar heat while allowing in natural light….

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How Window Film Saves You Money on Remodeling Projects

couple home remodeling

The best laid renovation plans can spiral out of control when unforeseen expenses crop up. Some experts advise allowing a pad of about 20 percent to cover budget overruns. Others recommend setting priorities, spending more on must-have items and saving on less permanent features. Whether you’re a homeowner or an architect, it’s important to think…

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Should I Choose Blinds or Window Film for Office Privacy?


Looking for a little privacy at work? Considering installing blinds on your windows? Before you draw the curtain on natural light, take a look at window films. Films offer many of the benefits of window coverings while eliminating some of the downsides. An office with a view is a great perk. But sometimes an unobstructed…

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