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Does Window Tinting Conserve Heat In the Winter?


According to the United States Department of Energy, heating and cooling costs often amount to about a third of a home’s total energy consumption. That means they are usually the single largest source of energy consumption in a household, and it makes them an ideal target for strategies that save money by streamlining energy consumption….

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DI-NOC Architectural Finishes: Beautiful Textures, Affordable Prices

wood texture collage for Pacific Window Tinting-01

Do you ever feel like your home or office is missing something, perhaps that final finishing touch or that single element that brings everything together? Stunning finishes can make the difference between a house and a home. They can create subtle change in an office, transforming your space into not merely a place to work,…

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Reduce Summertime Heat with Window Tinting

Cute little toddler girl peeking into a window

Summertime in the Portland area is unlike any other region in the country. With clouds parted and rain subsided, the Pacific Northwest offers incredible outdoor activities, music scenes, cultural events and of course, some of the best food you’ll find anywhere. However, we perhaps pay for these summers with uncomfortably high temperatures. Many home and…

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Benefits of Security Window Tinting

Woman staring at the window

While commonly thought of in terms of reducing sunlight, window tints can actually come in completely clear options, and be used to reinforce windows to protect against impact. Shielding Against Neighborhood Accidents Whether you live near Laurelhurst Park or somewhere in Lair Hill, neighborhood accidents can happen. It could be anything from an errant baseball…

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Protecting Your Furniture from UV Light Damage

3d helles Wohnzimmer

When you get new living room furniture, you may find that it is so comfortable and attractive that you want to do everything you can to prolong its life. This includes protecting your furniture from the sun and its harmful UV rays. UV rays have the potential to harm any organic substance. Luckily, there are…

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5 Reasons to Tint Your Skylight

skylight and window glare

Yes, there are some downsides to having a skylight in the home. From raising indoor temperatures during the summer to exposing your family to potentially dangerous UV rays, skylights can create new problems while solving others. However, these annoyances can be solved simply with professionally installed window tints. While skylights are beautiful sources of natural…

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Understanding Visible Light Transmission (VLT)

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Updated November 2017 As you decide about window tint for your home or office you’re probably wondering, “How dark should I go?” There are a couple of tricks to understanding the darkness or light-blocking power of window tinting, and your Homeowner’s Association may actually have regulations regarding the level of tint you use on your home. Technically…

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