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Add Style And Interest With Decorative Window Film


All it takes is a thin sheet of film to transform just about any plain old window into a creative, stylish element of your home. Today’s options in decorative window film offer an affordable way to brighten up a room while simultaneously creating an inviting ambient light. Decorative film is available in countless styles and…

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Say Goodbye to Glare with Window Tinting


With such beautiful surroundings here in the Pacific Northwest– the majestic evergreens, mountains and streams– it’s no wonder why we love to have big windows in our homes, and lots of them. Large windows and spectacular views make a beautiful focal point in any home, but they can come with frustrations– and we’re not talking…

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3 Situations Where Window Film Can Save Your Life

Having a window film installed on your home or business windows is more than just a way to save energy—it can also save your life. You might not think something as small as window film can pack that kind of punch, but it’s surprising just how thin that line is between a close call and…

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Security Film Gives You One Less Thing to Worry About

Home Window Security Glass

Do you ever find yourself worrying about being robbed or vandalized while away from your home or business? When you go to sleep at night do you wonder if your family and possessions are safe from a late night intruder? It’s safe to say we all do, but simply worrying about these kinds of things…

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Window Tinting to Protect Your Wood Furniture

Sun_damage1 (1)

Window tinting to protect your wood The mention of fading furniture often calls to mind upholstered pieces like your couch, sectional, or favorite chair in the living room. However, prolonged exposure to UV light can greatly damage your beautiful wood furniture, too. Oil-based or water-based products that penetrate the wood fibers can maintain their look….

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A Window Tint adds Portland flair!

With so many styles and options available these days, having a window tint professionally installed throughout your Portland home or office can do so much more than perform a practical service alone. Yes, a window tint can stop those ruinous UV rays from beating into your building all day long, keeping your expensive furniture and…

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