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Will Window Tinting Kill My House Plants?


If you’re thinking about having window film installed in your home or office, you’re probably happy to know that it can keep indoor temperatures more comfortable, protect furnishings, and reduce glare on tv and computer screens. All that UV blocking power will be great for your carpet and hardwood floors. But, what if you have…

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Discover The Benefits Of Window Film Before You Buy

Solar Window Film (1)

Does your home or workplace have an area where the sun creates a lot of glare and heat gain? If that area is your office or your living room where you spend much of your time, this can be a real challenge. Temperatures can become uncomfortable, TV and computer screens can be obstructed, and you…

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Use Window Film To Prevent Bird Collisions


It’s always sad when a bird dies colliding with a clear glass window. This tends to happen fairly often in urban areas and has been known to occur at people’s homes as well, especially during the Spring and Autumn migrations. No one knows exactly how many birds are killed this way, but annual U.S. estimates are in the…

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